Surf in October

It’s one for your bucketlist: surfing in Europe in October. Europe made a transition from summer to Autumn. Days are getting shorter. The swells are getting longer. And the waves stronger.


The Basque Country and Les Landes are good to go. Check out the Hossegor Pro if you’re around. Also check places around like Guethary, Cenitz and Lafitenia.

Hossegor will show more of this in October:

The swell can be pretty strong (in that case, check Hendaye. Also better for beginners). Ride safe.

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The North of Spain is also an excellent choice for October. If you’r lucky Mundaka will show here best attitude. Looking for more mellow waves? Check spots like Oyambre and San Vicente.

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October is in our opinion one of the best months, probably the best month, for Portugal. Whether it’s round Lisbon or the Alentejo (between Lisbon and the Algarve). Swells are almost secured. And the weather is still super nice. Extend your summer!

When Ribeira d’Ilhas is on:


Places to go:

  • Lisbon Regio: Ribeira d’ilhas, Matadouro, Peniche (good for beginners)
  • Alentejo/ Algarve: Odeceixe, Vila Nova de Milfontes.

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