Summer is calling

But, where to surf in june? South west France (Basque Country that is) and Northern Spain is the advice.


The Basque Country is one of our favourite picks this time of your. Still pretty solid swells around in the Atlantic that delivers good waves for places like Lafitenia (see photo), a classic righthander.

Check out our Surf Guide to France.


Northern Spain (Cantabria and the Spanish part of the Basque Country) needs the same swell as the French part of the Basque Country. Especially Cantabria will see more quiet line ups with a beautiful backdrop like the Picos de Europe. Check out St Vincent de la Barquera, a great surfpot.

But Galicia is also a great option.

Check out this surf video showing surfing in Galicia.

Wanna know where to surf, each month of the year?

Check out the Ultimate Surf Seasons Guide for Europe.

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