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Surfing Lacanau

Lacanau is a top surfing destination in France. And the village has a real surf vibe. It’s pretty near Bordeaux which make it easy to travel to. By car, by plane or even public transport. So expect some crowds in the high season (july and august). The waves are (almost) always there. A 10 tot 12 second period will give you the best waves. Especially if the size is between the 1 and 1,5 meters.

Good to know. You have to be in Lacanau-Ocean, not Lacanau-Ville.

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The waves


++ Advanced

++ Intermediates

++ beginners

Lots of surfers have surfed the Lacanau waves. You don’t have to worry much about the tide. It’s all good.  Are you there in summer? Aim for the early mornings when the wind are offshore.

Be aware, the currents are strong and under some circumstances the waves can be quite fast and hollow.

Lacanau Beachbreak

lacanau surf

Wave: 1 meter with 12 seconden | Wind: 8 km/hr from the east (offshore).

Lacanau surf forecast

Favourable wind direction?


In Lacanau, the winds should have an eastern component. That will bring the good shape of the waves. Before noon the wind start to blow from the ocean. Sometime the wind will die in the evenings.

Where’s Lacanau?


As said above, Lacanau is very close to Bordeaux, which make it very easy to reach for all kinds of transport.

lacanau ocean

Stay in Lacanau?


Where to stay in Lacanau?

A huge advantage of Lacanau: there a plenty of campsites. In the whole region you’ll find smaller and charming sites but also the bigger campsites including the waterslides and all you need for your holiday.

Are you looking for an appartment check this:

Staying in and around Lacanau

Surf lessons and -rental?


For beginners, it’s easy to find a shop to rent a board or get a surf lesson in one of the dozens of surf schools. Progress at your own pace under the safe supervision of a qualified instructor. Same goes for intermediates.

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