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Surfing in Etretat – Normandy

In Normandy, the North of France, you’ll find a small, authentic village called Etretat. But it’s a surfspot too.

And it can deliver a perfect lefthander. Just like Etretat’s sister Yport.

Etretat is world famous because of “the needle” that hits the ocean.

Etretat is a perfect surfsport for the weekend. Discover full insights below.

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Where’s Etretat?


Surf forecast Etretat

More about surfing in Etretat

The waves

Next to the Neelde is a reef. Not ideal for beginners. This waves breaks on a big southwest swell.

Best on mid to hightide.

Wind direction?

You’ll need a wind with a south direction to it. Than it’s offshore!

Where is it?

As we mentioned above. It’s in the north of France.

Where to stay?

Etretat is a touristic village. That means you”ll find enough appartments and hotels. Discover the possibilities.

What to do?

Besides surfing there’s a lot to do. No surf? Go SUP! It’s a great area to explore by SUP boards. Go hiking vover the beautoful cliffs. Visit the little chapel. Or see the gardens of Etretat.


Yes. It’s familyproof. As you can see and read there is plenty to do for everyone in and around thuis little french village. So fun for everyone.

Surf rentals?

Surflessons and rentals is hard here. There is as surfhop which you can try. But bring your own is our advise.

More surfpots?

Soon, we’ll be showing more French surfspots. Stay tuned.

Do you have any additions for Etretat? Let us know.