Surfing in the Lisbon Region

Lisbon had a great surf variety on offer. Some travellers avoid the Lisbon area because of the crowds and the high cost of living. But still, you can find the best waves of Europe in this region. And the costs are lower than most Europeans experience at home. And it is still possible to find surf spots with just a few surfers.

Main surf spots in the Lisbon region

Check out the main 5 surfspots in de Lisbon region. Discover under what conditions you can find the waves.

Surfspot Wave Swell Wind Tides Bottom Surf level
Praia Grande Right & left NW, W E, SE All Sand All
Guincho Right & left NW, W E, SE Low, Mid Sand All
Carcavelos Right & left W, SW N, NW All Sand All
Costa da Caparica Right & left NW, W E All Sand All



Another surf attraction near Lisbon is de Fishermans village and surf town named Ericeira. Here you’ll find a World Surf Reserve, which means that this region is focused on surfing and that the area is protected to keep its surfing potential and natural setting alive.

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For every level

Surfing in the Lisbon region is suitable for every surfer. And with a car you can easily discover a big variety of surf spots. It’s a unique experience.