Surfing Brittany

Surfing in Brittany

In this surf guide to Brittany, you will discover:

  • Why Brittany is an excellent destination for a surf vacation
  • All the surf spots in Brittany (including a map with the surf spots)
  • 4 highlighted surf spots: La Torche, La Palue, Baie de Trepasses, Quiberon
  • Where to stay: charming campsites and accommodations near the coast

Once you’ve surfed in Brittany, you’ll want to come back again.

surfing brittany

Have you ever considered Brittany for surfing?

Most likely.

Have you tried it before?


But there’s also a good chance that you haven’t.

What a shame.

You’re missing out on something special for your surfing experiences.

Different surfing experience

surfing in brittany kermabec
Early morning swell

Surfing in Brittany offers a completely different surfing experience compared to other surf regions in France. You’ll have a great time here. Due to possible rain, many tourists tend to avoid this region. Yes, it can be chilly and wet. But it’s not as bad as it sounds. Besides, the natural beauty alone is reason enough to visit Brittany. And the surfing opportunities are truly endless. All year round.

Advantages of Surfing in Brittany:

  • The water is crystal clear.
  • There are numerous (protected) bays.
  • It’s a beautiful mix of French and Celtic culture.
  • Brittany catches both north, south, and west swells. You’re rarely without waves.
  • And last but not least, the tranquility and nature are unparalleled. Even in the heart of summer, you can easily find an empty lineup.

And the number of surf spots in Brittany is almost countless. There are 22 surf spots mentioned in the map provided, but there are still many more to discover. Some secret spots couldn’t be placed on the map. So, there’s plenty to explore.

The list of 22 surf spots in Brittany


Nr Spot Spot Type Underground Wind Direction Tide Level
1 St Malo Beach Break (BB) Sand SW All All
2 Plevenon Beach Break (BB) Sand/ Rocks Z L-M All
3 Cap Frehel Beach Break (BB) Sand/ Rocks SE L-M Intermediate/Advanced
4 Perros Quirrec Beach Break (BB) Sand Z H-M All
5 Locquirec Beach Break (BB) Sand/ Rocks SW H-M All
6 Santec (le Dossen) Beach Break (BB) Sand/ Rocks SE All All
7 St Pabu Beach Break (BB) Sand/ Rocks SE H-M All
8 Landunvez Beach Break (BB) Sand/ Rocks SE L-M All
9 Lampaul – Plouarzel Reef Break (RB) Rocks E L-M All
10 Le Conquet Beach Break (BB) Sand SE H-M All
11 Porsmilin Beach Break (BB) Sand/ Rocks N H-M Intermediate/Advanced
12 Le Petit Minou Beach Break (BB) Sand/ Rocks NW L-M All
13 Pointe de Dinan Point Break (PB) Sand/ Rocks NW H-M Intermediate/Advanced
14 La Palue Beach Break (BB) Sand E All All
15 Cap Sizun Bays Beach Break (BB) Sand/ Rocks W All Intermediate/Advanced
16 Baie de Trépassés Beach Break (BB) Sand SE L-M All
17 St Tugen Beach Break (BB) Sand/ Rocks NW All All
18 Gwendrez Beach Break (BB) Sand/ Rocks NW L-M Intermediate/Advanced
19 Penhors/ Plovan Beach Break (BB) Sand NW All All
20 La Torche Beach Break (BB) Sand E All All
21 Guidel Beach Break (BB) Sand NW L-M All
22 Quiberon Beach Break (BB) Sand/ Rocks E L-M All


Abbreviation Explanation
BB Beach Break
RB Reef Break
PB Point Break
NE North-East wind
SE South-East wind
E East wind
S South wind
SW South-West wind
N North wind
L-M Low to mid tide
H-M High to mid tide
All All tides

Where can you learn to surf in Brittany?

And what are the most famous surf spots?

Below you will find an explanation of some well-known surf spots in Brittany:

La Torche:

Perhaps the most famous surf spot in Brittany. It has even been nominated for the Olympics, which means it can get quite crowded. However, it offers plenty of opportunities in terms of surf shops and surf lessons. So, there are pros and cons.


  • Favorable wave conditions
  • Suitable for all surfing levels
  • Plenty of surf schools and lessons available
  • Many accommodations and campsites nearby


Crowded water, especially during the high season, so it’s advisable to book accommodation in advance


Check out this house in La Torche, located directly on the beach.
Or this smaller house, perfectly situated.

Baie de Trepasses:

Located at the westernmost point of Brittany. As with almost all spots in France, early mornings are generally the best time to surf. Check out our Baie de Trepasses Surf Report.


  • Beautiful and rugged nature
  • Surf school and lessons available on-site
  • Suitable for all skill levels


  • Cooler water and outdoor temperatures compared to other spots
  • Limited accommodations directly at the spot
  • It requires a bit of a drive to reach the spot

La Palue:

La Palue is located on the Crozon Peninsula, where nature and tranquility prevail. Surfers appreciate the peaceful atmosphere found here. This spot quickly catches any ripple in the water. Nearby, you’ll also find charming towns like Morgat and Camaret sur Mer.


  • Even with really small swell, there are still waves to be found
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Relaxed vibe and beautiful nature
  • Multiple beautiful surf spots nearby, such as Pointe de Dinan and Cap de la Chevre


This applies to all spots in Brittany, but the weather can be unpredictable. It tends to be cooler and rainier compared to the rest of France.


For accommodation, we recommend this house, although it is a few kilometers away from the surf beach. Even better, bring your tent or camper and camp directly on the beach of La Palue.


Quiberon, also known as La Cote Sauvage, sounds appealing, right? This is in South Brittany, where the weather is warmer. However, it can also get crowded. This peninsula is situated 14 km into the ocean, which allows it to pick up a lot of swell. Check out our Quiberon Surf Report.


  • Plenty of waves, especially for intermediate and advanced surfers
  • Even with very small swells, you can still find waves here


Crowded conditions and traffic jams during the summer

Surfing for beginners

Brittany is also perfect for beginner surfers.

Brittany is a region where beginners can learn to surf excellently. With its many bays, you can always find shelter from the wind or when the waves are too big.

Beginners will initially go for the beach breaks, such as those in Plovan and Penhors. Because this region is so quiet, you’ll have plenty of space to quickly learn how to surf. You won’t have to worry about other surfers much. Beginners progress rapidly.

Surfing accommodation in Brittany

We already mentioned a view above, but worth mentioning are also:

Rather a campsite near the beach in Brittany?

Camping Kerlaz is located near La Torche, but it has a much quieter surf spot nearby. It’s a lovely small camping site that also has a surf school connected to it. Please refer to our complete review for more details.

Camping Pors Peron is a beautiful small camping site within walking distance of a beach that resembles Ibiza. It’s cozy and stunning, and occasionally there are waves as well. For the real surf spots like Baie de Trepasses, you’ll need to drive a short distance. Make sure to check out our comprehensive list of surf campings too.

Brittany’s surfing FAQs

What are some of the most famous surf spots in Brittany?

Some famous surf spots in Brittany include La Torche, La Palue, Baie de Trepasses, Quiberon, and many more. Each of these spots offers unique surfing opportunities and caters to different skill levels.

Are there surf lessons available for beginners in Brittany?

Yes, there are surf lessons available for beginners in Brittany. With its many bays, you can always find shelter from the wind or when the waves are too big. Beginners can start with beach breaks, such as those in Plovan and Penhors. Due to the tranquil environment, there is plenty of space to quickly learn how to surf without worrying about other surfers.

What are the advantages of surfing in Brittany compared to other surf regions?

ome advantages of surfing in Brittany include the crystal-clear water, numerous protected bays, the blend of French and Celtic culture, and the ability to catch waves from different directions. Even during the busy summer months, it's easy to find a quiet spot to surf due to the pristine nature and expansive coastline.