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Surfing Cantabria

Cantabria is between Pais Vasco (Basque Country) and Asturias in the North of Spain. There is plenty of exposed coastline receiving lots of swell. The best swell time is from Autumn through Winter when the deep lows track across up north.

Cantabria is a region known for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, also boasts a vibrant surfing scene that attracts enthusiasts from around the globe.

Surfers heading to Cantabria are met with an array of spots catering to all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. Whether it’s the quest for the perfect wave or the need for companionship in an unfamiliar place, Cantabria’s offers something for everyone.

Surfspots Cantabria

Oyambre – Longboard heaven

San Vicente – Also real good for longboarding.

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Surfing in Cantabria, Northern Spain. Get an idea about the surf and the beautiful Spanish landscapes. Check out the video below. https://youtu.be/ZDkgRnx8duk  
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