Surfing in Sardinia

200 days of surfing a year

Best waves on the Mediterranean

If you love surfing, then Sardinia is the place for you. It’s got some of the best waves on the Mediterranean and has become a popular destination for surfers from all over Europe. You’ll find 200 days of surf a year. Plus, it’s also one of Italy’s most beautiful islands! Even called little Australia by some surfers.

In this guide to surfing in Sardinia, I’ll give you an overview of where to go and when to go (plus some tips for how), as well as a few things worth doing while you’re there that don’t involve catching waves.

The best surfing spots in Sardinia

  • Porto Ferro, Sardinia
  • La Speranza, Sardinia
  • Piscinas, Sardinia
  • Buggerru, Sardinia

Porto Ferro

Porto Ferro is a beach break that works best with a south-westerly wind. It has two main sections, both of which are hollow and hold up well in larger swell. The right-hander can barrel when the conditions are right, but it’s best to use caution when surfing it as there is a river mouth that creates a massive barreling wave on the inside. This wave can be extremely dangerous for surfers and swimmers alike. The left at Porto Ferro breaks off the rocks opposite from where you enter into the river mouth. This is a fun left that works well most days of the year as long as there’s enough swell to get out beyond where all the boats are parked (you’ll never see them).

La Speranza

La Speranza is a beach break that has a left and right. It is good for beginners, intermediate surfers and experienced surfers. La Speranza offers surfboard rental, surfing lessons and surfing schools as well as many other things to do in Cala Gonone.


Piscinas is the perfect spot to spend a day on a board. It’s a long right-hand wave that breaks in front of the port and also attracts plenty of surfers from all over Europe, since it’s easily accessible by car or bus. The best time to surf at Piscinas is during autumn, when the winds are usually quite strong but still warm enough for you not to freeze your butt off in your wetsuit. You should expect to catch some solid waves here; the water isn’t too deep so you can play around with airs or try out new moves that you’ve learned in class without worrying about losing your board in deep water (which would be very embarrassing). Bring your own equipment—or rent it! The equipment rental shop has everything you need: boards, harnesses for bodyboarding, fins for surfing…you name it! There are also instructors who will teach you anything from beginner skills all the way up through advanced maneuvers like backflips or 360s; they’re very friendly people so don’t be shy about asking them questions if something confuses you during class! If there aren’t any instructors available then just ask someone else who looks like they know what they’re doing—but make sure first before trying anything new by yourself without supervision.”


You’re not going to find a better beginner spot than this. It’s a small town in the north of Sardinia, so you can expect perfect waves every day and a relaxed atmosphere. If you don’t know how to surf yet, Buggerru is perfect for you! If you are an intermediate surfer and want to get deeper into the water than just floating on your board or being pulled along by the current (which means less fun!), then Buggerru is also a great place for you! Here, there are parts where only advanced surfers will be able to catch their waves without getting tired easily.

When to surf in Sardinia

You can surf in Sardinia throughout the year, but the most consistent waves are during the winter months. As a surfer, you know that the best time to catch some waves is during the summer months. But what about surfers in Northern Europe? If you’re looking for the perfect surfing experience and want to find out where the best places are, then Sardinia is your place! There’s no doubt that there are plenty of places where you can practice your favorite sport in Italy, but when it comes down to finding the right spot for beginners or advanced surfers alike, Sardinia has something special going on.

Surfing in Sardinia throughout the year, but the most consistent waves are during the winter months (November – April). The best time to surf is between December and February as this is when wind conditions tend to be calmer than usual. Also known as “La Festa dei Moros” or “Red Whales Festival,” this long weekend celebrates whales from November 1st until 5th; however if by chance you don’t manage get any waves during those days then don’t worry because there’ll be plenty more opportunities after!

You will certainly notice that people love their sea here because it makes up nearly 75% of their landscape which makes sense considering how beautiful it looks whenever one visits them!

Surf forecast Sardinia

Check the surf foecast below. We’ve chosen Buggerru as surf spot because it had a good reputation.


So, if you want to go surfing in Sardinia and enjoy the best waves, consider visiting Porto Ferro in November or May. If you like smaller crowds and more consistent waves then La Speranza is perfect for you. If it’s summertime and you want to party all night long until dawn breaks then Buggerru will give you what your looking for!