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Surfing in Corsica

Corsica: An island of hidden surf gems

Corsica, a mountainous Mediterranean island in France, is a unique destination for surf enthusiasts. While it’s not widely recognized for its surf culture, the island surprises visitors with a variety of exceptional surf spots. We like to give you a deeper understanding of the surf opportunities this picturesque island has to offer.

The Surfing Landscape of Corsica

Waves in corsica

Corsica’s diverse coastline allows surfers to experience different types of waves, from gentle sandy beaches to challenging rocky reefs. The west coast is famed for its powerful waves due to the sharp ascent of the underwater terrain close to the shore.

In contrast, the east coast’s gradual slopes offer more forgiving conditions, suitable for surfers of all levels.

Seasonal Considerations

Surfing conditions peak during the spring and autumn, avoiding the summer tourist crowds and the extreme heat, which can detract from the experience. Although winter surfing offers less consistency in wave conditions, it provides a serene environment for those who prefer solitude.

Surf Spots in Corsica

Here are some notable spots for surfing enthusiasts to explore:

Ajaccio Nouveau Cimetière

Type: Point-break
Experience: Suitable for all surfers
A friendly point-break with consistent waves that welcome surfers of all skills.

Also check  the scenic Capo di Fen beach, which is one of the most famous surf spots in Corsica.


Type: Beach-break
Experience: Suitable for all surfers
Offers higher wave quality and beautiful scenery, making it a favorite among locals and visitors. It is in fact the largest wave spot on the island and is popular with wind and kiteboarders. Offshore winds from the southwest provide the best surfing conditions here.


Type: Beach-break
Experience: Suitable for all surfers
Perfect for a relaxed day on the water, with forgiving waves ideal for beginners.


Type: Point-break
This spot offers varied waves in a picturesque setting, appealing to surfers who enjoy a challenge.


Type: Reef-rocky
Experience: Only for pros or the very brave
Known for its high-quality, powerful right-hand waves crashing over a rocky reef.

Etang de l’Ovu Santu

Type: Beach-break
Experience: Best for experienced surfers
Offers a rewarding challenge with more demanding wave conditions.


Type: Beach-break
Experience: Suitable for all surfers
Known for its stunning natural environment and friendly waves.

Lozari Beach

Type: Rivermouth
Experience: Experienced surfers
A dynamic surf environment that changes with the seasons, suited for surfers looking for variety and challenge.


Type: Reef-rocky
Experience: Suitable for all surfers
Offers fun and challenging left-breaking waves over a rocky reef.


Type: Beach-break
Experience: Suitable for all surfers
A dependable spot with consistent waves that cater to every surfer’s needs.


Type: Sand-bar
Experience: Experienced surfers
Known for its shifting sandbars, offering a dynamic surfing experience.

Surfspots for beginners in Corsica

  • Aregno Beach, which is a favorite among surfers and is better suited for beginners compared to some of the more advanced breaks.
  • Other good spots for beginners include Ile Rousse, Marine de Davina, and Beach of Bodri, which have surf schools, shops, and nearby campsites.

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Surf forecast Corsica North


Local Insights and Tips

The complex geography of Corsica makes local knowledge invaluable in uncovering the best surf spots. Many of these spots are hidden near cliffs or in secluded coves, accessible only with detailed charts (check Google Maps) and insider information.

Community and Culture

Corsica’s surf community is tightly knit, with a strong local identity and a deep respect for the island’s culture and environment. Therefore, engage with the community and respect local customs, which enhances the overall experience and integration.

Environmental Awareness

The pristine condition of Corsica’s beaches is of utmost importance to local surfers. The lack of significant tides in the Mediterranean means some spots are particularly sensitive to environmental changes, emphasizing the need for sustainable surfing practices to preserve these areas for future generations.

Conclusion on surfing in Corsica

Corsica is a surfing destination that offers both challenges and rewards. From rugged coastlines to vibrant local culture, the island provides a unique backdrop for a surf scene that values respect, exploration, and environmental stewardship.

Whether you’re seeking solitude or the thrill of conquering challenging waves, Corsica’s diverse surf spots cater to every surfer’s aspirations.

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