Spain has wordclass surfing possibilities. It’s famous for big waves alongside the Northern part, huge righthanders as Mundaka en easy waves around Andalusia.

We’ll describe the surf opportunities of all the Spanish surf regions:

  • Basque Country / Pais Vasco
  • Cantabria
  • Asturias
  • Galicia
  • Andalucia
  • Canary Islands
  • Mediterranean

Surfing in the Spanish Basque Country

Pais Vasco is Spanish for Spanish Basque Country

The Spanish part of the Basque Country is home to many bays where you can find some very good surf. The Basque Country of Spain is probably also the easiest choice for a surf trip. Easy because it is easy to reach. Not only by car, but also by plane. For example, by flying to Bilbao or Santander.

Zarautz and Mundaka are the famous surf spots. But also check lesser-known spots such as Playa de Laga. A smaller quiet bay.


It’s between Pais Vasco and Asturias. There is plenty of exposed coastline receiving lots of swell. The best swell time is from Autumn through Winter when the deep lows track across up north.

san vicenteAsturias

Here you’ll find some excellent beach breaks. It’s a beautiful area where the mountains run close to the coast.


Galicia differs from Asturias and Cantabria. Although the coastal rock formations are not particularly good for surfing reefs, there are hundreds of beaches facing every different direction. Some of these beaches can produce excellent waves/  Galicia has a wide swell window and one of the highest wave climates in Europe.

Galicia surfingAndalucia

Andalucia: Surfing in hot water and a lot of sun. Also in the winter this region has very pleasant outside temperatures (around 17 to 18 degrees Celcius on an average). In the summer there is little chance to surf. But this changes when autumn comes. Depressions on the ocean ensure that you can surf here. Untill spring you can find a fair chance of good waves.

surf andalucia

The Canary Islands (Fuerteventura)

The Canary Islands, a renowned archipelago off Africa’s northwest coast, are a mecca for surf enthusiasts, with Fuerteventura being the standout. Often likened to Europe’s Hawaii, Fuerteventura provides a year-round surfing experience, characterized by consistent swells, diverse breaks, and warm waters.

From the powerful waves at Lobos and El Bristol to beginner-friendly spots at El Cotillo, the island caters to all skill levels. While windsurfing and kitesurfing thrive due to the island’s persistent winds, surfers are advised to check wind forecasts, prioritize safety, and respect local surf cultures.

Ultimately, Fuerteventura promises an unparalleled surf adventure amid its volcanic beauty, solidifying its reputation as Europe’s premier surf destination.

Check our full Guide of surfing in Fuerteventura.


Surfing in the Mediterranean is also a fun and beautiful option for surfing. It gives a different dimension to surfing in Spain.

In the summer you have little chance of a surfable wave. Although the wind in the afternoon in the summer can still give some wind waves. This is rarely enough for surfing.

No, it is different in autumn, winter and even in spring. Low pressure areas in the Mediterranean are more common. They will bring surf to this coastline.

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