Normandy: An Often Overlooked Surf Gem in Northern France

Normandy, an often overlooked surf gem in Northern France, offers a unique surfing experience that you shouldn’t miss—provided there are waves, of course.

Here, you can surf amidst breathtaking white cliffs and picturesque landscapes.

The surf spots in Normandy particularly benefit from southern or southwestern winds, which create the best waves.

Once there’s a swell, this region has something to offer every surfer, from beginners to advanced surfers, thanks to diverse surf spots like Cap Gris Nez, Wimereux, Yport, and Siouville. Each location has its own charm and optimal conditions, depending on the wind and swell directions.

Normandy Surf Guide

All of this is described in this new surf guide.

Boardshortz France Surf Guide

surfguide normandyIn this Normandy surf guide, you’ll discover:

– The best seasons to surf in Normandy.
– The best surf spots.
– Where to stay.
– Where to find good surf schools.
– Which wetsuit is best.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet surf spot for a weekend getaway, like Yport, or a more challenging surf experience at Cap Gris Nez, Normandy has it all. And don’t forget to explore the local surf schools to improve your skills or discover a new passion.

Plan your next surf adventure to Normandy with the help of this surf guide and uncover the surf gems of this beautiful region.


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