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Discover 7 surf spots in our France Surf Guide.

  • Surfspots for each surflevel.
  • Surfspots in a lovely setting.

Below you’ll find a brief introduction to 3 of the 7 of the best surf spots of France.

On the bottom of this page you’ll find the exclusive guide to surfing in France.

laftinea surf spot basque country


In Brittany, we will come to the surfers paradise with crystal clear water., raw rock formations, bays for shelter and nd it’s always good for the smallest swells.

Surfing is virtually guaranteed here. As for the weather; Yes, it’s raining sometimes. But as the locals say: It only rains on fools.

We have selected two spots here:

  1. Baie de Trépassés
  2. Penhors

Baie de Trépassés

In Brittany in the most western tip of France. Deep in the Atlantic Ocean you will find a bay. With always clear water. And waves a plenty.

It’s Baie de Trépassés.

It’s a pretty big bay. With waves in the middle, on the south and north of the bay. So you can choose where it’s best for you. A nice spot to take a walk and see the bay from above.

Practical information like what tide to go, where to sleep, et cetera you’ll see  in the guide.


This feels like California. In all cars, there is a surfboard. And it has a pretty warm climate.

Here the Spanish life and cuisine is mixed with French life and cuisine. A great fusion. That makes the Basque Country an interesting place. Delicious culture and a tasty kitchen.

And surfing here is just awesome. There’s enough choice for each level. From big waves to relaxed smaller waves.


Lafitenia is right in the heart of the Basque country. At a truly phenomenal place, the waves break in a fixed place. All to the right.

Because it’s such a wonderful wave, you’re never here alone. And around lunchtime, you will find the employees of the Quiksilver headquarters in the lineup. But go there. It is all worth it. You simply paddle to the peak. You let some surfers go. Until your wave comes. Because it will.

And BAM! There you go. Enjoy.

(more practical information in the surfguide, of course)

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