With kids

A surf escape with your family is a great way to spend time with each other. Play with your kids on the beach. Share the surf. Watch each other catch some waves. Have the purest fun, together.

At surf-escape.com we know what it means to go on holidays with kids. Especially surf holidays. We like to share the best surf escapes we can think of.

Our top list of surf escapes for families with children

  • Odeceixe in Portugal
  • Bidart in South West of France
  • Audierne in Brittany


Odeceixe is said to be a hippy town. Which, we think, is not really the best description. It’s laid back and has a great beach for children. Maybe even the best in Portugal. Because a river runs into the ocean. At the riverside your children can play safely in the water, while you can keep an eye on the surf as well (always watch your children first!).


Just a few kilometers south of Biarritz is Bidart. Not the most attractive town, but it has a fine centre with some restaurant and a square where your children can run and play. It has some campsites with swimming pools. And Biarritz has a great aquarium for when it’s raining.


Shhhht. We know a lovely place to stay with your children. Don’t tell anyone, please. Okay?

It’s Surfhouse Bretagne in Audierne. The owners are a great family and they provide free surf tours. How cool? The little harbour of Audierne is nice. And the garden of the Surfhouse is great to play