Surf campsites in France


With your tent and surfboard close to the French surfing spots

Our favorite country for camping in Europe; France!

With an unimaginably large amount campsites along the entire coast. And there are also surfing campsites. Campsites that are close to the surf.

Where you at dawn …

  • … open your tent zip
  • … take your board
  • … make a short trip to the surfing spot

Because there is so much demand for these campsites it seemed good to share experiences including a number of good surfing spots.

Campsites within walking distance of the surfing spots. And also affordable. Surfing campsites in Normandy, Brittany, Vendee, Bordeaux and Biarritz.

And … if you are not looking for a campsite? Check out these idyllic spots for a surfing holiday in France.

The camping tips:

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Camping near Biarritz

Camping Erreka, Bidart

A 4-star campsite within walking distance of the beach of Bidart.

Do you have the chance to go in low season, for example in June or September? Then this campsite is a super recommendation.

Near classic surfing spots around Biarritz.

Check de website of Erreka

Surfing camping near Bordeaux

Camping Le Bonheur Est Dans Le Pre, Montalivet

A campsite that is a bit further away from the ocean than the other campsites. Namely 6 km. But because it is a wonderfully idyllic campsite, we would like to call it: Camping Le Bonheur Est Dance Le Pre in Montalivet. Delightful spacious places, nice villages and vineyards nearby. And fairly empty beaches compared to other spots. Moreover, it is a nice beach break for surfing.

To the website of this camping

La Grigne, Le Porge

An absolute top surfing camping is La Grigne in Le Porge. An hour’s drive from Bordeaux.

La Grigne

A large campsite that always had vacancies. At walking distance from the beach and a good surfing spot. For all levels. It is close to the famous Lacanau. By bike about half an hour. And you can rent bicycles at the campsite. Very nice on days when it is flat.

Website of this campsite

Camping Le Pin Sec

In addition, you can go a little further north to Hourtin. Camping Le Pin Sec. Quiet campsite in a comparable environment.

Camping Municipal, Cap de l’Homy

A bit further south than Le Porge lies Cap de L’Homy.

A somewhat lesser known surfing spot. But on a super short walking distance from the beach from the Municipal campsite.

In high season it is very busy here. And that is not beneficial for the hygiene on the toilet. But that is known about French campsites.

The beach break of Cap de l’Homy:

Camping and surfing in Vendee

Camping Les Cypres, Saint Gilles Croix de Vie

Camping Les Cypres is located in the Vendee near the village of Saint Gilles Croix de Vie.

This camping site is a bit closer to Paris. So a combination surf & city is a great possibility.

The surfing spots in this region are no less than other regions. And it is often, perhaps more often, sunny!

This is a somewhat smaller surfing camping. And again, within walking distance of a relatively unknown surfing spot. You could even walk to La Sauzaie from here. A spot where competitions are held. And that is not without reason.

Website of the Les Cypres

Les Dunes

Les Dunes and Sauveterre are also close by. But then a car is useful.

You can also choose to sit at Les Dunes at Camping Les Dunes. Les Dunes is a relaxed surf spot. It can get busy, but there are always enough waves for everyone. It is a favorite place for long boarders because the waves are relatively slow.

Surfing camping in Bretagne

Camping Pors Peron, Pors Peron

And another pearl.

250 meters from this beautiful beach in Brittany (the most beautiful beach in Brittany?).

We are talking about the Breton Camping Pors Peron. A fairly small and quiet campsite. Excellent for families and couples. From here you drive in 20 minutes to the best surfing spots (a car is a must). Baie de Trépassés, Penhors, Saint Tugen are nearby.

The beach of Pors Peron, see photo, is especially suitable for body boarders and body surfers. Which is also fun, right?

Surf campsites in Normandy

Camping Le Rivage, Yport

In Normandy you can surf at the right swell at Yport and Etretat. And there just happenings to be a camping site in Yport, that gives you a great look out over the surfing spot. How awesome is that?

Camping Le Rivage (website)

Le Rivage

On top of the cliff you look into the depth. A great location.

Unfortunately, the waves are not too frequent in Normandy. But the big advantage is that it’s a pretty short travel destination from countries as the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. So, if there is a wave, you are right there.

Preferably on waves coming from the Southwest. Then the long lefthander will kick in.

And then another tip; for Spain

A little while from the border at Biarritz and you’re in Spain. We got this tip: Camping Latas at Somo and Loredo (website).

This is within walking distance …

This campsite, like the Les Cypres in the Vendee, also has a swimming pool. Always nice to rinse off the salt.

Add a camping site

Do you know a surfing camping that absolutely must be featured? Let us and others know below in the comments.

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