If you want to explore the Basque Country in France check out Bidart. It’s just south of Biarritz (< 10 km) en the famous reef- and point breaks are close.

We’ve found a great house for families. It’s run by Marion & Gilles from Paris. Some details:

  • It has 2 floors
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Large garden
  • BBQ included
  • Lovely palmtree at theĀ entrance
  • Intermarche 5 minutes walk
  • Nearby surfshops

Check out the house on Airbnb

Closest beaches

The closest beach is a 15 minute walk. It’s either Erretegia or Pavillon Royal.


Bidart itself is pretty cosy. It’s long stretched and has some restaurants and a square to run and play around.


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