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Discover surfspot Messanges, France

Messanges surfWelcome to Messanges, a gem on the French Atlantic coast, perfect for surfers of all levels. This charming village offers pristine beaches, consistent waves, and a laid-back atmosphere that will make your surf trip unforgettable. Dive into the details and discover why Messanges is a must-visit surf destination. For more information about the region, visit our dedicated page about Surfing in France.

Surf Spot Details for Messanges

Surf Level

Messanges is suitable for surfers of all levels, from beginners to pros.

Wave Type

You can expect mellow to performance waves, ideal for both longboarding and shortboarding.

Break Type

Messanges features a beach break with sandy bottoms, providing safe and enjoyable conditions.

Optimal Conditions

  • Best Wind Direction: Offshore winds from the east.
  • Swell Direction: Consistent swells from the northwest.
  • Tide: Best at mid to high tide.

Best Time to Visit Messanges

The optimal time to surf at Messanges is from September to October when the air temperature is still quite warm and the swell consistency is high.

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Extra Travel Information

Family-Friendliness of Messanges

Messanges is very family-friendly with clean, safe beaches, and nearby amenities like restaurants, shops, and supermarkets. The best surf shop nearby is Surfshop Messanges.

Surf Schools

Wetsuit Requirements

  • Summer: 3/2mm wetsuit.
  • Spring/Fall: 4/3mm wetsuit.


  • Campsites: Camping La Plage, offering excellent facilities and a friendly atmosphere.
  • Hotels: Le Relais de la Poste, a charming hotel close to the beach.
  • Hostels: Messanges Surf Hostel, a cozy place perfect for surfers.


What is the best time to visit Messanges?

The best time to visit is from Septemer to October when the air temperature is warm, and swell consistency is high.

Are there surf schools available in Messanges?

Yes, there are several surf schools such as Messanges Surf School and Surfing Paradise.

What kind of waves can I expect at Messanges?

Expect mellow to performance waves suitable for all levels of surfers.

Do I need a wetsuit in Messanges?

Yes, a 3/2mm wetsuit in summer and a 4/3mm wetsuit in spring and fall are recommended.

Is Messanges beach family-friendly?

Absolutely! The beach is clean and safe with plenty of amenities nearby for families.

Embark on your surfing adventure at Messanges, and enjoy the perfect blend of waves, relaxation, and local charm. For the latest surf forecast, check Windguru.