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Surfing in Hossegor 


Every October, the world’s best surfers gather in Hossegor for the Quiksilver Pro. Here they compete at one of the world’s best beachbreaks: La Gravière. When it’s on, expect there to be heavy drops into speedy spitting barrels. This brings out every tube-hunter in the vicinity and many faithful devotees from all over the world. Definitely not a place for beginners.

Further north of La Gravière, is another powerful, punchy beachbreak known as Les Culs Nuls. This is considered to be Hossegor’s most consistent spot. There are still plenty of spitting barrels on offer, but with a mellower vibe than La Gravière. 

On bigger days, the big wave spot of Hossegor La Nord starts working. In order to tackle this wave, you need a bigger board and an even bigger set of balls. Here big shifty, hollow peaks detonate over shallow outside sandbars with strong currents. Experts only. 

Only a stone’s throw away from La Nord, sits the tamer little brother La Sud. A large jetty blocks most of the biggest swells from coming in. This creates a gentle, beginner-friendly beachbreak. La Sud is popular with surf schools and it gets very crowded in summer. During bigger swells, this is a good option for finding surf that is still in the fun zone.

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More about surfing in Hossegor

The waves

The Hossegor area beachbreaks gain a lot of their power from an offshore submarine canyon. This canyon funnels the wave energy into this region, giving them more punch than the waves in the neighboring areas. Tides can be a factor, especially during full or new moon tides. A swell period of 10 to 11 seconds is ideal.

Best wind direction

Light easterly winds are best. Southerly winds are still manageable, if they are not too strong. This stretch of coast can be plagued by onshore westerly winds for weeks on end. So make sure you check the forecast before you hit the road.

Best season to go

Autumn is your best bet to score classic Hossegor with light winds and still enjoyable warm water. Yet spring can also be a good option if winds cooperate. Crowds are thinner and water temperatures are on the rise. Summer can offer small yet fun surf and pleasant water temps. No wetsuit needed. This is also the peak season in Hossegor, meaning it can be really crowded in and out of the water. Winter can offer a handful of solid classic days for the truly dedicated.

Where’s Hossegor?

Hossegor is in Les Landes in the South West of France. It’s about a 2 hour drive from Bordeaux.

Where to stay in Hossegor?

Where to stay in Hossegor?

In high season, there is a wide range of campsites to choose from in and around Hossegor. It’s camping while being surrounded by beautiful beaches, pine forests and a big watersport lake. What more could one ask for?

For those who like to stay in a cozy Bed and Breakfast, check out Board ‘n Breakfast in Labenne (12km from Hossegor). They have different types of accommodations: rooms for couples, shared rooms, family rooms and an actual private surf villa.

Find accommodation


Surf lessons and -rental?

For the aspiring surfer, there are plenty of surf schools to rent a board from or book a surf lesson with. Most of the surf schools you’ll find at La Sud. The waves in Hossegor can range from fun to punishing. So make sure to have a good look at the conditions before hitting the line-up. When in doubt, ask a local. Have fun!

The town of Hossegor

As the surf capital of France, Hossegor has plenty on offer for those wanting to experience the surfer lifestyle. Numerous restaurant and bars can be found with a surfy vibe. Also, a lot of well known surf brands have set up shops here. Not to mention, Hossegor is famous for the raging party scene during high season. Besides this, other surf towns like Biarritz and Bayonne are only a short drive away.

Is Hossegor family proof?

Hossegor can be a great place for a family surf vacation. There are plenty of family-friendly campsites and beautiful beaches. In summer, the more gentle side of Hossegor shows itself. Although, even the smaller days can be deceptively powerful. So always check the conditions before hitting the water.

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