Wednesday, April 25, 2018
French surf movie

Catching some French waves #video

Some French guys went to south west France. They obviously had fun. The sun was shining, the waves were good. Watch the video and get the French feeling. It's fun!
portugal beaches

8 reasons to visit Portugal

Last month The Telegraph published 22 reasons why you should visit Portugal. A few of them we really liked. And we added some. 1. The...
casa meranka

Casa Meranka #Algarve

An oasis in the sweetspot of the Algarve Casa Meranka is located in the southwest of the Algarve. In the small village of Figueira. It is...

Like to know the best places to surf in the Algarve? Check our Surf Guide: Surfing Algarve.

All about surfing in Spain


Kepa Acero in Morocco

Kepa Acero is one of our favorite surfers. He visited Morocco more than once. And in this video you can see why he likes Morocco so much as a surf escape.  
mick fanning secret wave

Mick Fanning’s secret wave

You probably saw this video last week right? A perfect wave. No one knows where it is. Only Mick and the cameraman. We actually think it's somewhere in Morocco, the land of the right-hand...

Surf Resorts & Surf houses

Ericeira Surf House #portugal

ericeira surf house
If you're going to surf in portugal you're likely to have Ericeira on your mind. It's one We've got a great place to stay for...

Camping Le Porge

camping le porge
Camping Le Porge is a gem. It's a great campsite near Bordeaux. So one of the easiest campings to go to. And not in the...

Casa Meranka #Algarve

casa meranka
An oasis in the sweetspot of the Algarve Casa Meranka is located in the southwest of the Algarve. In the small village of Figueira. It is...

Board ‘n Breakfast #france

board n breakfast
A Belgian couple decided to leave Belgium and to chase their dream; building a place for surfers. So they did. In Labenne (near Biarritz) they build...

Travel tips & tricks

where to surf

Where to surf in 2017? Month by month #surfguide

What our your surf plans for 2017? Find out where you can find the best surf in each month of this year. (high resolution map available...
surf andalucia

Andalucia: The tip for this winter

What's your surf escape this winter? Check Andalucia. Mostly overlooked. But don't miss the chance to surf in great wheater.
le phare

Shhht… Don’t tell this French surf secret

As we told you on one of our other pages, the Vendee is an overlooked surf region in France. For no good reason. It has...

20 most epic surfspots

Check out these 20 epic surfspots worldwide. From China to Hawaii. Did you know them?
surf guide europe seasons

The Ultimate European Surf Seasons Guide

Europe's ultimate surf seasons guide Updated for 2018 Where will you find the best waves in Europe? We'll show you some surprising countries, surfspots and tips...

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