Portugal offers a mesmerizing blend of rich history, culture, and stunning landscapes and waves. All accessible on a budget. Portugal proves you don’t need to spend a fortune for an enriching travel experience. It can actually by quite cheap to surf in Portugal. And you can save hundreds of Euro’s, which you can use for another surf trip.

Here are the key tips for surfing in Portugal on a budget and save money:

1. Living like a local

Immersing yourself in the local lifestyle is not just enriching; it’s economical. Portugal’s welcoming communities, local markets, and neighborhood eateries offer a glimpse into the true essence of Portuguese life while helping you stretch your euros further.

Shopping at local markets

Local markets in Portugal are treasure troves of fresh produce, artisan goods, and unique finds. They’re not just shopping venues but cultural experiences, offering quality items at lower prices than tourist-centric spots. So, cook some of your own meals using groceries from local markets to save money on eating out.

Dining in local eateries

Dining where the locals do, be it a quaint café or a bustling market food court, offers authentic flavors without the hefty tourist price tag. It’s a delicious way to save money while indulging in Portuguese culinary delights.

2. Choosing a budget-friendly destination

Look for areas outside the popular Algarve region, such as the western Portuguese coastline around Lisbon and Porto. Places like Nazaré, Carcavelos, and Costa da Caparica offer great surf at lower prices than the Algarve. We also think the Alentejo and the North of Portugal is perfect for a budget friendly surftrip.

3. Accommodation

Opt for hostels, guesthouses, or vacation rentals instead of luxury resorts. This can save significantly on accommodation costs.

4. Transportation

Avoid renting a car and use public transportation like trains and buses to get around. This is much cheaper than taxis or rental cars. Portugal’s public transport network is efficient, extensive, and economical, it connects major tourist spots.

5. Bringing your own gear or rent

Consider renting surfboards locally instead of bringing your own to avoid oversized luggage fees. Fees for oversized baggage are a definite pain point. There’s no escaping them, and no matter how much you debate, you won’t secure a lower fee. You’re simply stuck with the cost.

Not bringing your own surfboard can save you € 100 to € 200 on airline charging fees. Especially if you’re heading to as surf camp. As many surf camps will provide you with a surfboard.

And if you do bring your own surfboard for example, see our next tip. And put 2 surfboards in 1 boardbag, so you have to pay the airline fee just once.

6. Add a person to your surftrip

You can be really cost-effective by planning a surf trip with your friends compared to solo travel. It can save you hundreds of Euro’s in a week.

You can divide expenses that you would have had to cover entirely on your own, like transportation costs to and from airports, car rental, accommodation. In our experience it could save you €50 to €100 a day! In a week you’re saving enough money for another surf trip.

And it’s all about sharing the stoke, right?

7. Timing your trip

Avoid the peak summer months when prices are highest. Visit during the shoulder seasons of spring and fall for better deals. And visiting in spring or late autumn will offer you more bang for your buck, with pleasant weather and fewer tourists.

Also check for 1 or 2 days earlier or later if you book a flight. if you can be flexibele, this will also save you €50 to €100.

By following these budget-friendly tips, you can enjoy world-class surfing in Portugal without breaking the bank


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