Surfing in Arrifana – Algarve

Arrifana is one of the first surf spots in the Algarve after Odeceixe and Amoreira if you come from the North. It’s on the west coast. At 1 1/2 hours from Lisbon.

Arrifana is a picture perfect spot; a shell-spaped bay, surrounded by high cliffs and authentic white houses. And the surf is good. Arrifana is very popular among the Portuguese surfing community.  So it will be crowded if the waves are good.

Also good to know: there is a historic place in nearby: Aljezur.

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A brief overview of surfing in Arrifana

The waves

++ Advanced surfers

++ Intermediates

++ Beginers

You actually have two waves here. A wave that breaks in the middle of the bay. And a wave that hits the rocks at higher swells from 2 meters on the right side of the bay (a challenging righthander).

That Arrifana righthander is for experienced surfers. The wave in the middle of the bay is suited  for beginners who want to catch the white water, because this is often a close-out (depending on the sandbars).

Surfing is possible on all tides. The righthander though, will be drier en faster on lowtide.

Favourable winds

You’re good with both an east wind and a wind from the north for clean conditions. If the wind has a western componen,  it will quickly get messy at Arrifana. But that is no problem for beginners.

Where to stay

There is ample supply in the neighborhood of Arrifana. In Arrifana itself or in Aljezur.

Discover what is available now:


Arrifana is a 1 1/2 hour drive from Lisbon. On the west coast of Portugal, in the south. In the Algarve.

Things to do (other than surfing)

Aljezur is a very cozy historical village (including a castle) 10 minutes from Arrifana. This cosy old town sits on a hill in the northwest of the Algarve. Still relatively unspoiled by mass tourism. There’s a big super market (Intermarche) in the new town of Aljezur.


Hell yes. It’s fun here for everyone. You can play on the beach. Beware of small children with regard to the waves and the undercurrent. Always with guidance near and in the water.

Surflessons and surf rental in Arrifana

Surf schools like to come here. It is a beautiful location. And the waves are good to learn surfing too.

There is also a surf school at the beach. Arrifana Surf School: Arrifana Surfschool.

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