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Surfing in Normandy

What are the main surf spots in Normandy?

Surfing spots in Normandy

Of course, you can surf all over France. And Normandy is no exception.

Below you will find famous surf spots in Normandy. And maybe a little unknown.

Perhaps the most famous is Wimereux. And a pearl is Yport. A few hours from the Benelux and just across the Channel. The waves can roll really nicely.

See the picture of a nice surfing day at the bottom of this message.

But first an overview of Normandy.

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Surf map of Normandy


Normandy Surf spots in detail

Surf spot Type Surface Winddirection Tide Level
1. Wissant Beach break Sand South High to mid Beginners
2. Cap Griz Nez Beach break Sand & rocks South High to mid Advanced
3. Wimereux Beach break Sand& rocks South east Mid to high All
4. Yport Point break Rocks South west High to mid All
5. Etretat Reef break Rocks South west low to mid All
6. Trouville Beach break Sand South High to mid All
7. L’anse du Brick Beach break Sand & rocks South Low to mid All
8. Siouville Beach break Sand East High to mid All
9. Le Rozel Beach break Sand East High to mid All

Surfing in Wimereux

And as promised a photo of Wimereux. The surfing spot where surfers sometimes go for a day trip. Rightly so. Look for yourself.

surfing wimereux

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