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Surfing in Sagres – Algarve


On the most south-western tip of Portugal in the Algarve you will find Sagres. Sagres is very popular with surfers. For both advanced surfers and beginners, because you have a beach on the south side (Mareta) and on the west side (Tonel). And you still have a beach, Martinhal, where the waves are good if it is far too high everywhere else.

This allows you to choose where you are going to surf depending on the height of the waves. Without having to drive far.

Check out the possibilities for accommodations in Sagres.

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A short overview of surfing in Sagres

The waves

You will find waves for everyone in Sagres. You basically have a choice between the surf spots Tonel and Mareta.


Usually higher waves. And more rocks in the water.


You often find smaller waves here. That makes it a bit more relaxed. But of course, it can also go loose here.


Here you will find even smaller waves than with Mareta. Especially good for thick winter swells.

Which wind is favorable?

In Sagres you are almost always in a good spot. Because the wind blows from the west it is on Tonel onshore and that is bad for the shape of the waves.

But at Mareta it is off shore and you have a nice shape in the waves. As long as there are waves at Mareta of course.

And a southwestern wind gives offshore at Martinhal. Northern wind is always favorable here.

Where is Sagres located?

Sagres is a short 2-hour drive from Faro. Or 3-hour drive from Lisbon.

At the very south-western tip of the Algarve.

Spending the night in Sagres

Where to sleep in Sagres?

There is sufficient supply. In Sagres itself. Or beyond.

Check here:

Accommodations in and around Sagres

Sightseeing trips in and around Sagres

Just outside the village on the Ponta de Sagres is the fortress of Hendrik the Navigator. Not only this fort, but also the nature around the fort is very worthwhile.

There is a short circular walk along the edge of the tip. And in the outermost point of Sagres you will find Cape St. Vincent (Portuguese: Cabo de São Vicente). Here you get the feeling that you are at the end of the world.

In addition, you have many nice beaches here; Our tip: Beliche.

Suitable for families?

Sagres is certainly suitable for families. It’s fun here for everyone. You can play on the beach. Surfing in the rough waves. Or swim in calm water. Nice walks and fort visits.

Something for everyone.

Surfing classes and surfing rental possibilities

In fact, you’re in the Valhalla in Sagres.

Not only because you have the choice of which beach you are going to go to surf. But because here you can find plenty of surf shops and surf rentals.

Our tips for surfing rental and lessons.

Other surfing spots in the neighborhood

Other surfing spots?

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  • Peniche – between Lisbon and Porto
  • Arrifana – West coast of the Algarve
  • Sagres – Southwest of the Algarve
  • Meia Praia (Lagos) – South of Algarve

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