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Discover the surf potential of Normandy in this new Surf Guide.

Normandy: An Often Overlooked Surf Gem in Northern France Normandy, an often overlooked surf gem in Northern France, offers a unique surfing experience that you...
portugal on a budget

Surfing in Portugal on a budget: 7 tips and tricks

Portugal offers a mesmerizing blend of rich history, culture, and stunning landscapes and waves. All accessible on a budget. Portugal proves you don't need...
family surf holiday

Family Surf Holiday? Here are the Best Surfing Destinations in Europe

A family surf holiday is a fantastic way to combine adventure, relaxation, and quality time with your loved ones. Whether you are a seasoned...

All about surfing in Spain

construction plans imsouane

What are the plans for Imsouane?

The coastal village of Imsouane, located 100 kilometres north of Agadir in Morocco, is a paradise for surfers and digital nomads. We reported earlier, that according to plans by the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism,...
imsouane petition

Crisis in surf town Imsouane: A Battle Against Demolition for Resort Development

In the picturesque Moroccan surf town of Imsouane, a crisis is unfolding that has caught the attention of both local residents and the international community. A series of shock demolitions, purportedly paving the way...

Surf Paradise Morocco

The quiet Tamraght is blessed with world-class waves. There where the ocean meets the desert is the beautiful surf camp; Surf Paradise Morocco. The small-scale surf camp can accommodate up to 15 surfers. The luxuriously...

Surf Resorts & Surf houses

Camping Le Porge

camping le porge
Camping Le Porge is a gem. It's a great campsite near Bordeaux. So one of the easiest campings to go to. And not in the...

Ericeira Surf House #portugal

ericeira surf house
If you're going to surf in portugal you're likely to have Ericeira on your mind. It's one We've got a great place to stay for...

Surf House Bretagne #france

surfhouse bretagne charcuterie
Formerly known as Charcuterie Surf House and since they moved it's Surfhouse Bretagne. The new Surfhouse has an even better location.

Board ‘n Breakfast #france

board n breakfast
A Belgian couple decided to leave Belgium and to chase their dream; building a place for surfers. So they did. In Labenne (near Biarritz) they build...

Travel tips & tricks

Uluwatu on a small day

This is what Uluwatu looks like on a small day. This is what the local call "shoulder high waves".    

Costa Rica Barrels #video

Two guys are on a surf holiday in Costa Rica. They surf a great surf spot. Producing barrels over and over again. Watch them...
alaia bay switzerland

Alaïa Bay: A Surfing Experience in the Swiss Alps

How is surfing in the Swiss Alps like? Exciting. Amazing. Exhausting 😉 It is truly fantastic. In one hour, you can catch 26 precise waves (in the...
surfers more likely to develop skin cancer

Surfers 6 times more likely to develop skin cancer

What could be better to see the sun reflected on a wave that is about to break? But that sun. There is every reason to...
north galicia

Galicia: surfing in a nature powerhouse

Sitting in the plane back, moments of the past week flash by. Completely empty line-ups. Crackling, but also crystal clear water. Countless bays. Shadow of...

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