One-and-a-half years after receiving an ecoboard ‘Level One’ qualification, Jabali Surfboards has moved up to join a select group of surfboard builders with a ‘Gold Level’ accreditation.

“This means we are building the most eco-friendly boards that are currently out there, worldwide” explains Job Verpoorte, builder and shaper at Jabali Surfboards. “With a basis of sustainably grown wood and using epoxy with a high plantbased content we are on the right path to build eco-friendlier boards. To qualify we did not only have to present material specifications, but also dig into farming and production methods with our suppliers.”

With popularity of surfing on the rise, and a higher demand for surfboards, the environment is increasingly under pressure. In response, the surf industry is working towards a completely eco-friendly surfboard for both beginners and professionals.

“It is quite a challenge. That is why we started making wooden surfboards with a foam core in addition to our hollow boards”, continues Job. “Such boards allow us to make lighter boards with the same strength, which is an advantage when building shortboards and kiteboards. We use either ecofriendly or recycled foam to make sure we stay on the eco-friendly path.”

Jabali Surfboards is a shaper that designs and crafts handmade wooden surf and kiteboards in their workshop in Brugge, Belgium.

Ecoboard is a project by, an independent global organisation that aims to make surfboard production more eco-friendly.

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