Sixt Review

Let’s start with the first story. But the second one is worse.

Great welcome by Sixt. And then…

The first time the men’s team of Surf Escape and Boardshortz went to the Algarve tfor a surftrip. Through we hired the car earlier this fall. A great site to get an idea of prices. With also a prompt customer service.

Here we found a cheap rental car at a well-known name in rental; Sixt. In the price was also an additional driver included. Typically, this additional costs of roughly 10 bucks a day. Now it was included.

On arrival at Faro we got a Nespresso by the Sixt employee. They were super friendly and we even got an upgrade. A spacious Renault Scenic Bose. Surfboards in and we were on our way.

The four days were great. Sun and waves after a few weeks of cold gray weather.

Salt stains or grains of sand?

On the day of return we had neatly filled up the car. Immediately after parking at the Sixt office two handsome Portuguese women ask us how the surf trip was. They also wanted us to give a review. We gave a pretty good review.

From there it went wrong.

They saw salt stains on the couches. And told us this was to be cleaned in some special way with a price tag of 50 euro. WTF!

1. There were no salt stains.

2. They were of grains of sand.


Sixt agreed with us that it were grains of sand. But still, the car had to be returned clean. And the Sixt lady showed the back of the rental form. You know, those little gray sentences. There it was, indeed, the car had to be returned clean. But how can you prevent sand during a beach holiday? You tell me.

We were in a hurry and had to catch the flight. But we drove ourselves quickly to the carwash where they had a vacuum cleaner. And hops, just handed the car on time. And the Sixt lady agreed, a bit cranky.

Bonus for extra costs?

Is there a bonus bringing up those fees? It is only a presumption.

But here’s surttrip 2

The second surf trip. Exactly two weeks later. Now the ladies of the team went down south. We had them well informed about cleaning the rentalcar if you have sand in your car.

Smart as they were, they asked upon arrival whether the car needed to be cleaned. Absolutely not they told. Ah, the rules changed? No, they were not.

The ladies took on the mega well that hammered Portugal, but fortunately the south coast had a lot shelterd posts. Just look at this surfmap.

When returning the car at Sixt, it also went wrong here.

With the same process; First be kindly welcomed back. Then they were told that those sand grains were not intended.

The ladies wanted to use the vacuum cleaner at the car wash. But this time it was broken.

So they had to pay the 55 euros, directly. Within two week a 10% increase of these costs.

Cancel Sixt rental

This spring we go to the Spanish coast for a trip. We have already booked with Sixt. So we will cancel it. And rebook to Hertz or Avis. Also here, you have to pay attention, but Sixt is quite dramatic.

The snakes in the grass from Sixt are very deep. You better pay ten or twenty euro extra.

And this story is not the only evidence that you shouldn’t book with Sixt. Check out the reviews at trustpilot. You will see quotes as:

SIXT fails appointments


!! Don’t rent at SIXT !!


Avoid at all costs


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