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Montalivet: A Surf Spot in France’s Gironde Region

Surfing in Montalivet

Nestled in the picturesque Gironde region, close to the vibrant city of Bordeaux, Montalivet is a surf spot that promises the French surf experience. Known affectionately as the “Bordeaux California,” Montalivet embodies a “pura vida” lifestyle with its diverse range of board sports and vibrant surf culture.

Montalivet has waves for all skill levels

Beginner-Friendly Beaches

For those new to the surfing world, Montalivet offers the perfect starting point. Spots like Plage du Gurp and Plage de Vensac are renowned for their gentle waves and expansive sandy beaches, creating a safe and inviting environment for beginners to catch their first waves.

Challenges for Intermediate Surfers

Intermediate surfers can go on a little drive to find their sweet spot at beaches like Hourtin, Carcans, Le Porge, and La Jenny. These locations boast more consistent and challenging waves, perfect for surfers looking to refine their skills and tackle more dynamic conditions.

Expert Surf Locations

For the seasoned surfers, Le Grand Crohot and Le Truc Vert present the ultimate challenge. These spots are characterized by powerful, constantly changing sandbars and demanding waves that test even the most experienced surfers.

Year-Round surfing with the best conditions in Autumn

Montalivet’s waves are accessible year-round, but for the best surfing experience, the autumn months are most favourable. From September to October, surfers can enjoy consistent clean waves with light to offshore winds, offering the ideal conditions for surfing. Summer can have it’s flat spells.

More than surfing

Montalivet is not only about surfing; it’s a hub for various board sports. Whether you’re into skimboarding, bodyboarding, sea kayaking, or paddleboarding, Montalivet has something to offer every board sport enthusiast.

Surf equipment and lessons

For newcomers or those travelling without their gear, Montalivet provides numerous options for equipment rental and surf lessons. Local surf shops and schools offer a range of services from beginner lessons to advanced coaching, ensuring that every surfer’s needs are met.

Accommodation and Staying in Montalivet

When it comes to accommodation, Montalivet caters to a variety of preferences. From cosy beachfront campsites to comfortable rental accommodations, there’s a place for everyone to relax after a day in the waves