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Surfing Mimizan Plage – Les Landes


Mimizan is one of the most popular villages and surfing spots on the Atlantic coast. Wide beaches and pine forests characterize this area. You will find plenty of surfing schools here. And bars / restaurants for after your surfing session.

Mimizan is located exactly in between Bordeaux and Biarritz.

Surfing in Mimizan in the picture

mimizan surf

Wave: 0.8-1.3 meters with 10 seconds

Wind: 7 km / h from the West (no wind).

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The waves

++ Advanced

++ Intermediates

++ beginners

Like almost every beach break in this region, everyone can find a wave here. In the summer months it can be flat. But usually there are waves. And especially in the early morning it is almost always offshore. Meaning these are nice conditions!

Typical beach break at Mimizan


Wave: 1 meter with 11 seconds

Wind: 9 km / h from the Southeast (offshore).

Favourable wind direction?

As you can see in the pictures above, no wind or wind from the country (with an Eastern direction) is the best. In the summer, the mornings are the best (offshore wind). But as long as the wind stays below 20 km/h, the waves stay pretty good here.

Where’s Lacanau?

Mimizan is located between Bordeaux and Biarritz. Directly on the coast. So, you can drive over fairly easily. Almost only highway from the Netherlands. You should to be able to make it in 11 hours.

Stay in Mimizan?

Where to sleep in Mimizan?

The big advantage of Mimizan: the campsites. You’ll find plenty in the entire region. Ranging from big to small. If you are looking for an apartment, check the link below.

Accommodation in and around Mimizan

Staying in and around Mimizan

Surf lessons and -rental?

Mimizan you can rent excellent surfboards or arrange surfing lessons. At the beach and in the village, you have several surfing schools.

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