SRFACE wetsuits compared. Which one is the best?

(in our opinion)

A Detailed Dive into The Remix, The Heat, and The Eco

Introduction: SRFACE Wetsuit Overview

SRFACE, as a brand, has cemented its place as a formidable name in the wetsuit industry sice a few years. It boasts a range wetsuits that offers not just variety but also innovation, challenging even the industry leaders such as O’Neill and Xcel.

The importance of a good wetsuit

For surfers and water enthusiasts, the choice of a wetsuit can make or break their experience. It’s not just about staying warm; it’s about flexibility, durability, and sustainability.

Therefore we reviewed, and compared the top 3 wetsuits of SRFACE;

  • The Remix
  • The Heat
  • The Eco

First we will give information and we will show a matrix with all details later in this article. So you can decide which one you suits you best.

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Materials and Construction

Neoprene Type: From Yamamoto to Yulex®

Different wetsuit models of SRFACE offer varying neoprene types. The Remix features the acclaimed Yamamoto #40 Neoprene, while The Heat employs Japanese Limestone Neoprene. The Eco stands out with its Yulex® sustainable foam, indicating SRFACE’s nod to environmentally-conscious consumers.

Lining: Delving into the details of nylon, spandex, and recycled components

All three models are characterized by their meticulous lining details. The Remix and The Eco are fully double lined; however, while The Remix uses a combination of nylon & spandex, The Eco opts for recycled nylon, amplifying its sustainable credentials. The Heat, on the other hand, keeps it standard, focusing on other features to win the user over.

Stitching and Seams: How construction impacts wetsuit performance

The quality of stitching and seams can drastically impact the wetsuit’s lifespan and functionality. Both The Remix and The Eco feature Glued and Blind Stitched (GBS) stitching, while The Heat doesn’t specify this detail. However, all models prioritize taped inside seams, with The Eco taking it a step further by hand-taping them.

Features: What Sets Each Model Apart

Chest, Back, and Knee Pads: Why these matter

While The Remix and The Eco are silent on chest and back specifics, The Heat boasts of its Smoothskin Chest and Back. However, all models guarantee abrasion-resistant knee pads, ensuring longevity and protection.

Stretch Lining and Insulation: Comfort and warmth in the water

360° Stretch Lining is a feature prevalent across the board, but with variations. The Remix and The Heat employ a general 360° Stretch Lining, while The Eco ensures that even this feature is eco-friendly with its recycled version. Furthermore, plush insulation is common among them, with The Eco once again spotlighting its recycled plush insulation.

Water Sealed Components: The role in keeping the surfer dry

A wetsuit’s efficacy is also measured by how well it prevents water seepage. With neck, arms, and legs being water-sealed in all models, SRFACE ensures that wearers remain as dry as possible.

Special Features: From Proven panel layout to Aqua-α

Each wetsuit brings its unique features to the table. While the proven panel layout and drain hole are common special features, The Heat uniquely uses the Dope-dye and Aqua-α techniques, hinting at its distinct offerings.

Extras and Usability

YKK zips: Their reputation and reliability

A small but crucial component, the YKK zip, is consistent across all models, ensuring durability and hassle-free usage.

Shoulder Toggles and Key Pockets: Enhancing usability for surfers

Every SRFACE wetsuit is equipped with a shoulder toggle and key pocket, underscoring the brand’s commitment to user convenience.

Chin Protection: A closer look at safety features

Safety doesn’t take a back seat with SRFACE. Both The Remix and The Heat come with chin protection for their 5/4 models, while The Eco remains silent on this feature.

Overview in one matrix

All that we desribed above is listed below in the matrix.

Feature/Model The Remix The Heat The ECO


Neoprene Type Yamamoto #40 Neoprene Japanese Limestone Neoprene Yulex® sustainable foam
Lining Fully Double Lined (nylon & spandex) Standard Fully double lined with recycled nylon
Chest/Back Not mentioned Smoothskin Chest and Back Not mentioned
Knee Pads Abrasion-resistant Abrasion-resistant Abrasion-resistant
Stretch Lining 360° Stretch Lining 360° Stretch Lining Recycled 360° stretch lining
Insulation Plush Insulation Plush Insulation Recycled plush insulation


Stitching Glued and Blind Stitched (GBS) Not mentioned Glued and Blind Stitched (GBS)
Seam Reinforcements Melco Dots Melco Dots & Sealed Outside Seams Melco Dots
Inside Seam Taping Taped Inside Seams Taped Inside Seams Hand taped inside seams


Water Sealed Neck, Arms and Legs Neck, Arms and Legs Neck, Arms and Legs
Special Features Proven panel layout & Drain Hole Dope-dye, Aqua-α & Proven panel layout & Drain Hole Aqua-α, Proven panel layout & Drain Hole
Type YKK zip YKK zip YKK zip
Shoulder Toggle Yes Yes Yes


Key Pocket Yes Yes Yes
Chin Protection Yes (for 5/4) Yes (for 5/4) Not mentioned
Overall Conclusion Best type, challenging industry leaders Good but not the best in terms of flexibility Eco-friendly, less flexible but still a good wetsuit


Price 3mm wetsuit 266,- 256,- 237,-
Price 4mm wetsuit 296,- 286,- 266,-
Price 5mm wetsuit 326,- 316,- not available (yet)


Pricing and Conclusion

Cost vs. Value: Analyzing the prices of 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm wetsuits

Pricing varies with the features and the thickness of the wetsuit. The Remix, touted as the best type, commands a premium over The Heat and The Eco. However, each wetsuit offers value that’s well worth its price tag.

But to make it clear: The Remix is the best.

Summing up: Which wetsuit is right for whom?

For those looking to challenge industry standards, The Remix is a worthy contender. The Heat, while not the most flexible, still stands out in its range. However, if sustainability is a priority, The Eco becomes an obvious choice, albeit with a slight compromise on flexibility.


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