The coastal village of Imsouane, located 100 kilometres north of Agadir in Morocco, is a paradise for surfers and digital nomads. We reported earlier, that according to plans by the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism, the village will undergo a massive transformation. This reconstruction of Imsouane, has been met with great outrage (see earlier post: Imsouane in Crisis).

What is the plan for Imsouane?

We are following developments as closely as we can. What we know is that it involves an area of 18 hectares.

See also this drawing:

construction plans imsouane


This includes:

  • 79,259.27 square metres for accommodations such as hotels and campsites,
  • 13,987.04 square metres for cultural and sports facilities,
  • 13,377.56 square metres for dining and entertainment options,
  • and 747.03 square metres for commercial activities.

About 30% of the area will be used for roads and 7% for green areas. And the total budget for the project is about EUR 5 million.

The design of the project is said to be inspired by sustainable architecture, with an emphasis on the use of wood and dark stones, large windows and connected walkways. For the hotel sections, ideas have been taken from Turkey and Jordan.

Check out these mock-ups:

transformation imsouane 2


As far as we are concerned, one of the most important questions is and remains; what does this mean for the local people of Imsouane? Not for nothing is a Go Fund Me set up to support the locals.

Check out the GoFundMe page.


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