RiF010: The urban surfing destination

Just under a year ago, it was announced that Steigersgracht, near Rotterdam’s Markthal, would soon be home to a new urban surfing destination: RiF010.

surfing in rotterdam

As we approach the grand unveiling, the excitement is there. After a decade of meticulous planning and an investment surpassing €10 million, entrepreneurs Edward van Dongen and Edwin van Viegen are about to realize their dream.

Starting in June, Steigersgracht will come alive with the first of many waves, marking the opening of the city’s wave pool. This innovative project promises to transform the area into a bustling surf paradise right in the heart of Rotterdam.

The grand opening will take place at Saturday July 6.

What is Rifi010?

RiF010 is a groundbreaking urban wave pool project set to open in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2024. It will be the world’s first surf pool located in the heart of a city, built within an existing canal in the city center.


Key Features of Rif010

  • Generates consistent waves up to 1.5 meters high, perfect for surfing, bodyboarding, and other water sports.
  • Utilizes Surf Loch’s pneumatic wave technology to create realistic ocean-like waves
  • Waves break every 7 seconds, producing around 330 waves per hour
  • 100% powered by wind and solar energy for sustainable operations
  • Incorporates a beach house with a surf shop, changing rooms, and a surf bar/restaurant
  • Aims to introduce surfing and water sports to Rotterdam schoolchildren through educational programs

Unique Aspects

  • First wave pool built within a dense urban setting, attracting over a million visitors annually
  • Waves generated in an existing canal, allowing surfers to ride waves through the city’s iconic waterways
  • Pneumatic wave technology ensures low maintenance costs and minimal downtime
  • Focuses on accessibility, aiming to make surfing available to all, not just the elite

Surfing to the heart of Rotterdam

rif010 near rotterdam centre

RiF010 is a pioneering project that brings the thrill of surfing to the heart of Rotterdam, promoting sustainability, accessibility, and a unique urban surfing experience.





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