Surf Photography is pretty much booming. With increasing possibilities. Of course GoPro did a lot to achieve this status. But also other camerabrands releasing water proof actions cams. And for non water proof cameras there are water housings available. These developments made it much easier for the not professional photographers to make great shots from the water.

Surf Photography Tips

Starters Guide

We bring you the starters guide to surf photography. How to use ISO? What to do with the aperture? How to keep focus?


Surf Photography is getting me the closest to riding the stand up barrel

Surf photograpy equipment

Cameras; What camera to use for surf photography?

A pro would use something like a Nikon D5. Of course it will bring better results if you know how to work with such a camera. But it’s also a fair amount of money.

We will discuss

  • GoPro
  • Olympus Tough
  • Sony A6000 / Sony A6300
  • Nikon D5300
  • iPhone

The GoPro and Olympus Tough are both waterproof. That will take some concerns away. And make your life a little bit easier.

For the other you will need a water housing.

Some basic rules for every camera:

  • Does it have Back Button focus
  • Frames per Second. 5 is not enough. Aim for 10+.
  • How many PDAF points. The more, the better.

Water Housing

The main brands for a solid water housing are

  • Liquid Eye
  • AquaTech

Camera Settings

“Back Button Focus”. Remember that setting.

Surf Photographers

Clark Little

Michal Pelke

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