This month many European countries see great waves mixed with good weather.

The Netherlands

Surfing in The Netherlands?

Yes, it’s possible.

In may you can, occasionally, find some movement in the North Sea. It’s called: Northsea Juice. Scheveningen is the Dutch Surf City. You can find a great surf scene here including people biking around in their wetsuits holding their boards. But Wijk aan Zee, Hoek van Holland and Domburg are good surf spots as well.

Did you know there’s solid surf in Sweden and Denmark too?


Check out the Vendee in May. Between Bordeaux and Bretagne you can find empty beachbreaks and reefbreaks. Check out spots like La Sauzaie (reef), Sauveterre (reef/beach), Les Conches (beach) and Le Phare (point).

We recommend the Vendee because it can be quite warm here in May (20 degrees and above) and the water is already 15 degrees or above, so a 4mm wetsuit is definitely sufficient. On warm days 3mm is also possible. Of course, the south-west coast, between Bordeaux and Biarritz, is also fine, but there is more activity in the water.

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The Lisbon area is awesome with summer feelings in May. From Costa di Caparica to Coxos you’ll find your wave. And there are many many beautiful beaches and surfpots in between.

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Surfing in Spanje in May

In order to finish this topic about surfing in May, we want to suggest you to go surfing in Spain, specifically in Northern Spain and Fuerteventura. The latter, Fuerteventura, is also an excellent winter resort, but now the weather is quite stable and the swells are absent. This is no longer an issue for the average surfer.

And Northern Spain is just as wonderful in autumn and spring. Our favorite spot is San Vicente de la Barquera, a surf spot just over half an hour from Bilbao. And with the Picos de Europa in the background. Often in May, there’s still snow on the peaks, which provides an amazing view from the lineup. So, it’s highly recommended.

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