19 items you can’t forget while packing for your surf trip!

The perfect checklist for your surf vacation

There are plenty of checklists to help you pack when you go on vacation. But what do you need to pack for a surf vacation? (Apart from your passport, a book, towels, etc).

We came up with the following checklist:
1. Your surfboard, of course….
2. Surfbag. Necessary to protect your board from the sun.
3. Wetsuit. Perhaps two, with different millimeters of thickness.
4. Wax for your board (and wax for warmer water). You can generally buy this at your destination as well, but it’s even more practical to take it with you.
5. A wax comb to comb your wax if necessary, so that you’ll have better control over the board.
6. A fin key. A tool to adjust your fins or loosen them up.
7. Sunsceen! Waterproof and a high SPF.
8. Waterproof lip balm.
9. Ear plugs, to prevent an ear inflammation.
10. Surfbooties, in case you’re going surfing near a cliff.
11. Roofrack straps, if you’re flying to your destination and then renting a car.
12. Sun glasses.
13. Beach towels or a sarong, for after your surf session.
14. A snapback.
15. Lycra.
16. Bottled water. Even when you’re in the water, you will most likely (hopefully) also be in the sun. You don’t want to get hydrated, so drinking plenty of water is the only way you’ll be able to stay fit.
17. Warm clothes. It can really cool off at night, no matter where you are.
18. Board shorts or a bikini.
19. Stormrider Guide. The perfect book to get to know all the surf spots in your area.


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