Or are you a beginner, an intermediate surfer, advanced or even a pro?

To make things clear:


beginner surfer

You have either never surfed at all, or just a few times. On a good day, you can ride the white water of a broken wave and get up on your surfboard. You use a bigger surfboard (from a mini Malibu to a softtop).


intermediate surfer

You can surf down-the-line. You’re past the white water stage and you can surf to the left or to the right of the wave, depending on the direction in which the wave breaks. You also know how to make (slight) turns on the wave, and you can duck dive.
You can surf on smaller, as well as bigger boards. You’ve been on several surf vacations and you’ve surfed waves in different countries.


Punta de Lobos

You can surf on several different types of surfboards. You paddle out without any issues. Even in challenging conditions with a strong current and bigger waves (higher than 2 meters). You easily surf rail to rail, and your cutbacks are solid. You have several different surfboards for different types of waves.

Or are you a Pro Surfer?

alaia bay

You easily navigate through reefs and/or point breaks. You’re always looking for barrels, if the waves are hollow. Your cutback is extremely accurate. Whether the wave is half a meter or 4 meters high doesn’t matter to you – you get the most out of every wave. You probably have an extensive quiver.


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