Our oceans are having a hard time. It’s there for that organisations like Surfrider Foundation, Save the Waves and National Geographic are drawing attention to get the oceans clean. And the amount is growing. But what can we do ourselves?

Strangely enough, surfing has everything to do with nature, but the surfing industry has never really been “green”.

Fortunately, there are now both global and local initiatives, that are turning this around and with which you can directly help to save the ocean.


8 eco friendly products for surfers

There are very good eco friendly products for surfers available. Below you will find 8 of them. Do you have any additions? Share it below in a comment.


  1. Packing for your surf trip: no bubble wrap

Do you use bubble wrap to pack your surfboard? We did untill recently. But from now on we use cardboard. Protects your surfboard perfectly during your trip.


  1. Eco boards

Which surfboard do you buy? A board that comes from the factories in Thailand. Or where the board brand or the shaper is involved with nature. Think of Firewire, for example. In their mission statement: Impact the environment as little as possible.

For example, they use bio-resin. Going for zero-waste in 2020. And re-use of the foam in the boards. Their factory is tested annually to check whether they can use the “Ecoboard” certificate. They currently have the highest qualification.

An interesting formula is from the brand Notox. They know how to make great boards out of cork.


  1. Plastic fins from Bali

Some beaches in Bali turned into plastic waste fields. Better to stop plastic, how? Check out these 12 alternatives. But how cool is the initiative to process this plastic from the Balinese beaches into surf fins. There are now also eco-friendly alternatives available, see this one from Five Oceans.

More about Five Oceans.


  1. Leash from recycled PET bottles

Of course, your leash can also be durable, without compromising on quality. Check this link to find a party that recycles PET bottles into the materials for the leash.


  1. Surf poncho

In countries aross the world there are several ecological initiatives. Even in The Netherlands, whith a small surf scene we got to know Ressies Redesign. They combine their love for surfing and design with respect for our planet, by making surf ponchos from leftover material and overstock cotton. And they are also super cool. More about Ressies.


  1. Vegetative wetsuits

Since its foundation, Patagonia has been known for its respect for nature. And they have successfully made a wetsuit by replacing non-reusable neoprene with a vegetative polymer, Yulex. A natural rubber from heva trees, which reduces CO2 emissions by 80 percent.

In France, a three friends have set up Picture Organic. The name says it all. They make great clothes. But also wetsuits. Since 2017 they have a 100% natural wetsuit in the collection after 2 years of testing

Check out the wetsuits here for men and here for women.


  1. Organic Surf Wax

Fortunately there is also eco friendly surf wax. The ingredients are all natural. And even the packaging is. Read everything about it in this article.


  1. Surf bag of hemp

And last but not least, you knew that you can also buy surf bags made of plant fibre (eco hemp a type of hemp). No chemicals are used. You can order them via Wave Tribe.

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