Nowadays we’re binging all over the place. Netflix leading the pack. And we’ve got good news for you. Netflix had some great surf movies on offer. Here’s our top 5 surf movies on Netflix.

Under an Arctic Sky

Under an Arctic Sky by Chris Burkard. An amazing movie with awesome shots of Iceland’s nature and surf. A must see.


About a couple with a little child travelling all over the world. The child is growing uo surrounding by the ocean and different culture. Such an experience.


Wow. See how surfing can help veterans. Physically and mentally. Surfing is fun!


A movie about the Paskowitz family. A well known surfer and doctor. He’s living with his wife and 9 children in as bus. Imagine what can happen.


Okay. Not a surf movie. But it’s featuring Jeremy Jones. And if he’s on a board, you better watch it. He’s discovering new places. Finding lots of powder.


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