Powder Alert #9 by MeteoMorris (WePowder.com) is the reason for our Roadtrip to the Montafon.

A trip by the book: lots of powder snow and fun with friends.

Check the movie. Or read the trip report below.

The movie.

On the first day, we’ll take the first gondola up from Gaschurn at 8.15am. We find fantastic conditions with clear blue sky, windlessness and fresh puff on top of the mountain.

The great thing about Montafon is that you’ll be able to make good tracks without having to hunt and hike for powder.

Halfway through the day, we move to Grasjoch to explore the fun park.

For the Friday we have signed up for Nova Exklusiv. This means that we arrive at the Versettlabahn at 7.10.

With limited company we can fully enjoy ourselves on the freshly prepared slopes. We love to cut through the tight ridges while the sun is working its way up.

Then we feast on the breakfast that accompanies the arrangement at the Nova Stoba.

Day 3 was dominated by shooting shots for the film. Above the Spatla Bahn we spotted an area that is easily accessible with a short hike.

We clearly agree where the drone will hang, how we choose our line, where we want to end our line and we do a check with our avalanche beepers.

This morning became an absolute highlight of the trip.

In the afternoon our cameraman Merijn takes his camera gear to the snow park of Montafon at Grasjoch. Here we record both airtime and a smooth 180 switch on the box.

After three days of maximum fun with Bluebird and excellent snow conditions, we look back with five very satisfied friends.

On Sunday the group splits into 3 friends which sets course for the Netherlands early in the morning. And Two of them taking the first chair in Gargellen. This turns out to be a very tasty dessert.

Anyway, we are pleasantly surprised by the almost endless potential to score powder here. This potential is unlocked by, among other things, going up with skins and in this way give shape to ‘earn your turns’. We limit ourselves to the powder snow that we can still score without hiking.

At 11.30 a.m., the two of us also step on the gas pedal on our way home.


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